What is Feel Great?

- Feel Great is an independent family-run company that makes healthy beverages with precise functions. All ingredients are natural and free from sweeteners and additives. 

Are there any differences between COCO and RUSH? 

- RUSH contains natural caffeine from Guarana (100 mg per can). COCO is caffeine free.

Is Feel Great vegan?

- Yes, all Feel Great products are vegan.

Is Feel Great 100% natural?

- All Feel Great products are made of 100% natural ingredients.

Which flag is it on COCO and SHOTS?

- It’s our flag. Land of Feel Great.

Can children drink Feel Great products?

- Yes, we recommend COCO for children.

 Which vitamins and minerals contains RUSH and COCO?

- Potassium, magnesium, calcium, and sodium.

For whom is Feel Great intended?

- For the conscious and active person that wants a natural and tasty beverage with precise functions - without compromises. 

 Does Feel Great products contain caffeine?

- RUSH contains 100 mg of natural caffeine per can. SHOTS and COCO are caffeine free.